£££ Craft Beer In Liverpool One

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6-8 Thomas Steers Way

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Few people do beer and sausage like the Germans. As far as we’re concerned, there aren’t many better things to be known for than good beer and good meat, so we’re delighted that the famous German bar has brought its services to Liverpool.

While the bar has a traditional Bavarian feel, it’s populated by a diverse crowd of locals and international visitors. So don’t worry, you don’t have to dust off your lederhosen; unless it tickles your fancy!

The Food

As we’ve mentioned, they’re known for their beer and their sausage, and few places do it better than ‘Kellers. We’re not sure who the first person was to think of pairing a tall glass of beer with a smoky sausage to munch alongside your beverage, but we owe them a great debt of thanks, as it’s a combination our team have enjoyed many times!

In addition to a sausage to go with your beer, you could go for a breaded schnitzel option, accompanied by treats such as garlic bread or loaded fries. There really are a range of complements to pair with whatever beer option you go for, all of which can be eaten inside the bar, or outside in the beer garden if the weather is good.

The Cost

The prices range from £2-4 for one of the smaller starters, up to £6 for your loaded fries and between £7-10 for a schnitzel, burger or bratwurst hot dog. You’ll definitely want to pair them with one of the tasty - and reasonably priced - beer options on offer, but it’s great to know that you’ll be able to eat and drink your fill at a fair price.

The Bottom Line

We’d definitely recommend getting a taste of Bavaria down at Bierkellers. We don’t all get the chance to get over to Oktoberfest for a full beer festival experience, but bars such as Bierkellers are now bringing that experience to us. Who knows, you might enjoy it so much that you get a group together and get booked in for a trip to the next Oktoberfest!