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Yuet Ben

££ Chinese In Ropewalks


1 Upper Duke St

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One of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Liverpool, and widely regarded as the best there is, Yuet Ben sits on the corner of Upper Duke Street, facing directly across to the Chinese Arch and the entrance into Chinatown proper. Expect all the classic Chinese dishes, friendly service, and that familiarity and speed that comes with such a long and proud history of success and consistency.

The Vibe

Speak to any regular of Yuet Ben and they’ll tell you the same thing – that they’ve never had a bad meal in all their years of eating there. This level of consistency over many years is what makes Yuet Ben stand out from the plethora of Chinese restaurants in the city (there are loads to be found in and around Chinatown – some of which the TiL team have got late-night messy in over the years). The service is also excellent – Yuet Ben actually means ‘Welcome Honoured Guest’ and you can see that immediately when you walk through the doors. For some people, Chinese restaurants in this part of town feel like they should only be visited late at night after a big night on the ale, whereas Yuet Ben feels sophisticated and a night out in its own right.

The Food

Serving up an authentic take on Northern Chinese cuisine, Yuet Ben has been giving its diners delicious food since opening in 1968. That is a long time to keep people so consistently happy, but it’s easy to see why when you first eat here. The idea is to serve traditional food that is simple, and has been tried and tested over many years. Crispy duck and spring roll starters are the best examples you’ll find anywhere in Liverpool, and we could eat the prawn crackers for days without coming up for air. TiL favourites at Yuet Ben are the chillied shredded beef, Peking sweet and sour pork, the king prawns in sate sauce, and we’re also partial to the chicken chow mein. One of its biggest selling points is that much of the menu at the Yuet Ben is vegetarian (and most of that vegan-friendly too). It has made a large group of veggie and vegan people happy over the years, and it stands out on that scene, as well as for Chinese food.

The Price

Even the largest dishes on the menu are under £14, with most of the main dishes around £8 or £9, and the starters and soups from a couple of quid up to a tenner. You can get a pretty big feed at Yuet Ben for £20 or under. In fact, the set menu is either £15 per person or £20 per person.