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Wahaca promotes authentic Mexican street food, with an open plan interior that promotes that market-vibe, and a whole host of delicious small dishes and cocktails. Mexican food should be messy, spicy, and colourful, and Wahaca delivers on all counts. It’s a blistering attack on the senses that’ll leave you dizzy and grasping for that next taco.

The Vibe

The Liverpool Wahaca is bright, colourful, clean, and crisp in design (just like the food). The entire floor is open-plan, with the kitchen at the back, and there is that distinct friendly aesthetic that makes it feel like you are walking into an open food market. The sights, smells, and colours attack you as you walk in and make for a very enticing environment where you are salivating before you even see the menu. The waiting staff are always great here, happy to oblige with any queries you have about the merits of different dishes, helpful without being fussy, and that all adds to a very relaxed atmosphere.

The Food

The food is fantastic, and the menu is simple in its design and execution. It is flexible to suit different tastes and also allows some in your party to order some small plates, and those who want something a little more filling to choose a big plate. For us, if we are after something a bit bigger and more filling, we will always go for the slow cooked pork pibil burrito. This hefty sleeping bag tortilla of goodness is packed full of the melting pork, black beans, green rice, cabbage, crema, and pink pickled onions. Always pimp it up if you can, adding tortilla chips, cheese, and guacamole. About two-thirds through you might begin to struggle, but it’s all worth it when you feel that accomplishment at the end. If we’re going for some smaller plates, the sweet potato and feta taquito is a blue corn tortilla that you can crack open to find the sweet potato and feta, caramelised onion, salsa and chipotle mayo. Other great small plates are the Trealy Farm chorizo quesadilla with melting, stretchy cheese and sweet potato filling, and the slow cooked beef taco.

The Price

Whenever we’ve gone in a couple, maybe 3 plates each, and a drink has cost in total under £40, which is incredible considering the big feed and variation in plates that you can get. Wahaca is definitely a place that is good value, for Mexican street food that is fresh and delicious. The smaller plates (tacos, quesadillas, platitos) are all around £5 or £6, whilst the bigger plates are still only £8 to £10 and are pretty hefty and filling.