The Grapes (Roscoe Street)

The Grapes (Roscoe Street)

££ Classic Pub In Georgian Quarter


60 Roscoe St

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Not the be confused with the Mathew St Grapes pub (the less said about that the better at this point), The Grapes on the corner of Roscoe Street and Knight Street is an amazing pub that is the perfect microcosm of what makes Liverpool a great city in our opinion. It is definitely one of those pubs you could go into alone and come out with lifelong friends made.

The Vibe

We were once in The Grapes with some friends visiting from France, and at one point in the night one of them looked around quietly and then turned to the group and said, “why are there Christmas lights everywhere still?”. Just to clarify, it was August. They weren’t Christmas lights, just colourful fairy lights, and the warm, lights and wood panelling, make The Grapes a really friendly and comfortably worn local pub. There is also some form of peculiar joy and inquisitiveness in watching bar staff as they open the trap door to the cellar, leaving a gaping hole in the floor behind the tiny bar. Since the refurbishment a few years ago there is a bit more space, but as much as we miss the ramshackle nature of the old beer garden, we’re glad they’ve kept an outdoor space upstairs if you fancy a smoke, or a chat with a stranger.

In one of the tight corners of the pub there are regular performances from local jazz bands every week (with the Sunday night jazz a particular favourite on the scene). The clientele is a curious mix of local real ale drinkers, students, artists, post-work drinkers in formal attire, musicians, and just your average punter. It is open later than most of the pubs in the area (until 1am most nights) and it is a place where you can hear fantastic and funny stories from strangers, get to know the bar staff well, and party until close on particularly busy nights. The Grapes is a hub of activity, of community, and warmth, and it is one of our favourite pubs in Liverpool.


The Price

For a pint of real ale, you can expect to pay on average around £3.30 a pint in The Grapes. It is also a place that prides itself on an extensive rum and gin collection, with plenty of specials and classic varieties of both spirits. Depending on the speciality rum they have on offer at any given time prices can range between £3 up to £19 (when there is a particularly special rum behind the bar) for a shot of rum, and between £3 and £7 for gin on average.