Pilgrim Restaurant

Pilgrim Restaurant

£££ Spanish In Ropewalks

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46 Duke Street

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Set on the stunning mezzanine of Duke Street Food and Drink Market, Pilgrim has taken inspiration from the Camino de Santiago trail, producing simply stunning dishes that offer something completely different to the tapas we have grown accustomed to in the UK.

The Vibe

With such a high concept restaurant, it would be easy for Pilgrim to suffer from trying to be too cool and ending up falling flat, but that really doesn’t happen in reality. It is important to have waiting staff who are fully on board with the concept, and have that detail of knowledge that help the dishes come alive and inform you on the best way to approach the menu. Pilgrim definitely scores highly on that front. Sitting above the busy Duke Street Market below, there is an open kitchen and a live fire for grilling, and with long wooden bench tables, and a communal feel, Pilgrim genuinely feels like a gathering of lost souls searching for something along the route of the Camino. It’s a magical experience that lives up to its billing. 

The Food

There are around 12 well-known and established routes on the Camino trail, with pilgrimages taking place since the 9th century from starting points in France, Spain, and Portugal, all heading to the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela. The food on offer along the different routes are so unique to each region, and the food at Pilgrim aims to bring this flavour to the UK, using the very highest quality of produce to deliver fine dining and an experience like no other.

The idea behind the menus means that there is a focus on quality over quantity, with every dish served to the table handcrafted in the finest detail, and every course flowing well and complementing the aesthetic perfectly. Simple snacks such as bread, smoked butter, and salt, are elevated into God-like status when compared with starters and bites in other restaurants, and there are so many of the main plates that are worthy of a mention, including padron peppers, the sardines, and the morcilla.

The Price

You are paying for the quality of ingredients and the entire experience at Pilgrim. The snacks cost between £3.50 and £6, with the plates starting at £6 and steadily increasing in price up to the £30 for the most expensive cuts of meat. There is a decent spread of prices though, with a few plates between £6 and £10, and a few around the £13 to £15 mark. Desserts are £7, or you can plump for the extensive cheeseboard that is priced at £12.