Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen

Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen

££ Coffee House In Albert Dock


2a, The Colonnades, Albert Dock

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A smart, sophisticated coffee house situated on the world-renowned Albert Dock, Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen delivers an artisan coffee setting that offers quality service and quality food in a refined manner. Sometimes the Albert Dock can be too busy, with throngs of tourists visiting the spectacular sights and trying to find the old This Morning Weather Map (RIP). Peaberry is the perfect sanctuary from all of this.

The Vibe

The Albert Dock is genuinely stunning. The work that has taken place over the last couple of decades has made it a central tourist hub that we’re all extremely proud of as a city, and there is plenty to see and do down there, with the Tate, the Museum of Liverpool, the International Slavery Museum, and a range of restaurants and gift stores. As nice as all this is, it can be an attack on the senses, a blur of constant activity down there, so it’s good to be able to step inside a sophisticated, fancy coffee shop where you can watch the world go by and calm down a little bit. The entrance to Peaberry is through their deli, which adds another level of exclusivity when you get through to the main seating areas, with neat and tidy wooden tables and chairs, comfortable benches and pleasantly designed crockery that matches the sophistication of the whole place.

The Food

Peaberry is great throughout the day for whatever type of café food you’re after. They do a good range of light breakfast and brunch food, including granola bowls and porridge, a few different egg dishes and a breakfast platter that is a great sharer (with croissants, crumpets, sourdough toast, Nutella and jam). For a bigger breakfast to set you up for the day there are meat and veggie option Peaberry breakfasts, all-day pancakes, and the wonderfully-named Gut Buster, which is a hulking stack of mixed beef and pork patties, crispy bacon, black pudding, rosti, melted cheese, and a choice of egg on a brioche bun).

As mains go, look no further than the soup of the day and the side of a grilled cheese sandwich that comes with it – delicious! Whilst there are also big burgers, flatbreads, sandwiches (including the massive fish finger butty), and a make your own omelette. Healthier rice and lentil bowls provide the cleansing side of the menu.

You can now also enjoy all the tasty food from Peaberry to take out with you from the Deli counter at the front. This is a great way to see the freshly made sandwiches and salads, but also choose from the range of 22-different Gelatos on offer. Within the 22 flavours are 4 vegan Gelatos and 4 fruity sorbets.

The Price

You expect to pay a little bit more wherever you eat or drink down the Albert Dock, and it is the same at Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen. The lighter breakfast dishes cost between £5.50 and £8, the big breakfast dishes are £9, while the main dishes throughout the day range from £8 to £12.