££ Greek In Hope Street Quarter

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Sophia Reyes


22 Hardman St

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There are a few different Greek places in Liverpool these days, and each has its merits. There is not another place that serves souvlaki like Grilla does though. Whether you are heading to the Hardman Street restaurant, or out to the more relaxed vibe on Allerton Road, you’re in for a treat.

The Vibe

To some, the combination of laid-back, clean Scandi-design and warm, Greek charm, might not sit comfortably together. In both the Hardman Street and Allerton Road Grilla restaurants though it works really well. The aesthetic is pleasing, familiar, like coming home to a family that you are instantly comfortable with, and the staff add to that with a smile and an anecdote, fast service, and ultimately creating that ambience that lends itself to return customers and a happy, smiling clientele whenever you visit.

The Food

There’s only one item on the menu that we want to talk about here, and that’s because this TiL writer is indecisive and wants to eat all of the food, all of the time. The Mix Souvlaki for 2 is the best Greek food we’ve had in Liverpool, and it offers you all the best of this type of street food without costing you the earth. It is meant for two people, and it is more than enough for two people, but let’s just say we have tackled this all as one person on occasion, and it’s left a lasting impression in the most positive way. The platter consists of fresh, warm pitta bread, tzatziki on the side to dip, crunchy fries, and then a selection of all the meats that Grilla offers. There is a skewer of chargrilled chicken, pork, a Greek farmer sausage that is spicy and full of flavour, and a round seftalia sausage meat. If you are a vegetarian, the halloumi they sell is also divine. The food is moreish, addictive, and you’ll be thinking about the next time you can order before you finish this platter.

The Price

You can get a pretty big platter of food from Grilla that’s more than enough for two people, at around £20. That’s a pretty decent price for the portion sizes that you get, and they also seem to have some amazing offers on in-house, for collection, and for takeaways – keep an eye on their social feeds and menu for more info on these.