Cose Buone

Cose Buone

£ Italian Bakery In St Johns Market

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Becky Taylor


Stall 100, St Johns Market

07477 425251


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Between 9-5, Monday to Saturday, hidden away upstairs in St John’s Shopping Centre, you’ll find a little corner of Sicily. Cose Buone is a little café counter, serving up authentic, rustic Italian food in all its glory Whether you are looking for a bite to eat at lunch in the form of an arancini or a panini, or you want to try a traditional cannolo, filled to order, Cose Buone serves it up fresh.

The Vibe

St John’s and the upstairs market definitely feels like a place from a bygone era at times, and for many of us it isn’t somewhere we’d usually venture. Once you get past the bright and sticky food hall, head upstairs and walk through the budget stalls selling mobile phones, Tamagotchi’s, and sunglasses, and you’ll come into a whole new part of the building (that we didn’t even realise was there at first). It’s like a sanctuary, always filled with light, although it can be a little too hot in there if it’s busy, and here you’ll find Cose Buone. 

Because of its location in St John’s, the canteen like seating in this area does feel a little bit budget, plastic, and like you’re sat in the cafeteria of a 1980s leisure centre waiting for a big cone of chips, but that’s fine when you consider the counter. The warm Italian treats are on view and it can take a good few minutes just to take it all in before deciding what to eat. The counter display is a little bit like walking into an art gallery, taking your time to savour the beautiful pieces in front of your eyes.

The Food

There are only two things you need to know about Cose Buone:

  1. They serve arancini. And when we say arancini, we mean MASSIVE arancini. The giant rice balls are stuffed with your choice of filling, covered in breadcrumbs, and then deep fried. The options at Cose Buone are Bolognese meat, spinach and mozzarella, and ham and mozzarella. One is certainly enough per sitting, so you’ll just have to go back and try the others another time!

  2. They serve cannoli – The classic Italian pastries are tube-shaped pastry shells that are fried and come filled with a sweet and creamy filling. In this case, it is a ricotta filling that is sprinkled with pistachio. The best bit about this though, is that they are filled to order – adding that touch of special customer service to the occasion

The Price

Sometimes, when we can’t face the prospect of working our way through the slow-walking crowds of elderly zombies in St John’s, we’ll order a sneaky Deliveroo for lunch, getting in early to make sure we can have the arancini of our choice, a can of coke, a side of fries, and a cannolo for afters. Even with the added delivery fee it only costs around £12-13. A bargain when you consider the size of the food and the levels of deliciousness we are talking about!

Other prices include classic Italian half-pizza slices between £3-4, panini for around £4, and the homemade lasagne for £5.50.