Baltic Market

Baltic Market

££££ Food Hall In Baltic Triangle

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A major part of the redevelopment in the Cains Brewery Village, the Baltic Market has become a centre of partying and street food in the Baltic Triangle. Expect a heaving crowd, busy tables, mouth-watering food vendors, slushy treats, cocktails, and banging tunes in this massive converted space.

The Vibe

The whole area around the iconic Cains Brewery is buzzing these days, and the team behind The Baltic Market have a lot to do with that. This area is now a destination in its own right within Liverpool, with plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants in the area. The Baltic Market definitely feels like the focal point however, and there is a good mix of people here every weekend (and the odd stag and hen group too!). It’s a big warehouse space that has been converted into a stunning food hall, with a range of traders (most of whom rotate every few months) around the sides, long wooden benches in the centre, and a long bar in the middle of the space. There is also some generous outdoor space at the front. The idea is to find a spot (which is often very difficult because it’s that popular), order food at one of the kiosks and take a buzzer to collect your food when you’re alerted. It can be a bit frantic and a bit too busy at times, but it’s always a lot of fun.

The Food

The traders are ever changing at The Baltic Market, meaning you get to try all sorts of great street food, not just from Liverpool but from all over the country. Since it opened, we’ve tried some of the best grilled cheese we’ve ever had, drooled over halloumi fries, made for the poutine, tucked into massive burgers oozing with cheese and toppings, had popcorn mussels, great fried chicken, and always made time for the Little Furnace (the ever-present pizza place in the market) and its delicious range of simple pizzas. Midnight Delivery has also made a name here for the frankly ludicrous sweet treat concoctions such as bubble waffles and gooey brownie stacks topped with all sorts of sauces and chocolate.

The Price

You might pay a little bit more for dishes that you know and love at a slightly lower price at the actual restaurants of some of the traders, but it’s never too expensive here, and you’re paying for the experience as well as the food when you visit a big street food market like this. It stands the test and can proudly sit alongside some of the big street food market halls that we’ve seen in various parts of the world, and it feels like you’re getting your money’s worth and attending an event, not just popping out for some food.