Almost Famous

Almost Famous

££ Burgers In Ropewalks


11-13 Parr St

0151 353 9733


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If you like your burgers, and your chicken wings, and you like them hot, then you’ll love Almost Famous. With a rock n roll aesthetic - from the decor to the ‘creatively’ named dishes, it’s sure to provide a great meal out for a group who are ready to have a little fun.

The Food

As we’ve already hinted at, the menu at Almost Famous likes to keep things hot. They have a stunning array of burger options with an almost limitless list of toppings. Want your burger with bacon? pickles? coleslaw? onions? steak? chillies? They’re all on offer. Ok, so you may have seen all of those before, but what about a burger with the famous Frazzles crisps? There’s a first time for everything!

They’re also famous for their chicken wings, as well as their stacks of boneless buttermilk chicken pieces, with both options able to be paired with sauce options including hot teriyaki, sweet BBQ or marmite butter!

When it comes to drinks, they offer a range of beer and wine options, as well as some of the best shakes available anywhere in the city, so you’re sure to find an option that fits just perfectly with your burger of choice.

The Price

The prices are pretty standard for a high-end burger joint, with burgers anywhere from £9-12, wings at around £6 and stacks of fries available in the £3-5 range.

As for drinks, while the shakes are premium price at £6.50, they are truly one of the best options anywhere in the city. Whether you’re out on a date or treating the family, it’s worth splashing out as they’re simply too good to miss! Most of the beer and wine options are in the £5-6 range, so it’s not a cheap night out, but it is a very tasty one!

The Bottom Line

There are few better burger options available in the city. It’s definitely more of a high-end burger option, but it’s a truly unique eatery in terms of the look and the range of burger options and it is very much a case of getting what you pay for in terms of the quality on offer.

A popular place for dates, as well as birthday meals, Almost Famous caters to a diverse crowd of eaters and makes sure that everyone goes away with a full stomach and a slightly hot mouth. They may call themselves Almost Famous, but they deserve to be fully famous with what they have to offer. Well worth a visit.