Most 'Instagrammable' Venues and Locations in Liverpool

  • Charlotte Davenport

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Charlotte Davenport

Instagram is big business these days. Whether you’re taking photos of your food, your dog, your view, or countless selfies at home, we all know what it’s like to get lost scrolling down the feed. There are some amazing spots in Liverpool that make for that perfect Instagrammable moment. Here, are a few of our picks.

Oh Me Oh My 

When the sun is out in Liverpool there are frankly few better places than the terrace of Oh Me Oh My. The rooftop bar and balcony on Water Street faces the iconic Liver Buildings, with the Liver Birds looking down on you and the Pier Head and Mersey behind it. An absolutely amazing place to brunch and have cocktails on a sunny day. 

The Florist 

Probably the most Instagrammable of all venues in Liverpool, The Florist is a dreamscape of flowers at every corner, including the iconic floral photo-wall at the top of the staircase. The Instagram-opportunities don’t stop at the plants and flowers (which are everywhere by the way!) as the cocktail menu is also floral-inspired and perfect for your lens.


The Albert Dock & Pier Head

The Three Graces would grace any city in the world. There is something just immensely settling and life-affirming to take a walk along our waterfront, The Albert Dock and The Pier Head in particular. There are so many great Instagram opportunities, from the Beatles Statues and the Liver Building, to the Lambananas in front of the Museum of Liverpool, the Ferries bobbing on the Mersey, the Albert Dock and the Tate, the Liverpool Wheel and the Arena. 

Botanical Garden

A rare suntrap in the city, the Botanical Garden in the Baltic Triangle is home to a camper van bar, flowers and colour in all corners of the space and a drinking spot that is perfect for an afternoon stroll around one of the best areas of Liverpool. There are photo-ops aplenty in this coolest of spots. 

The Liver Bird Wings – Baltic Triangle

There are some great murals and street art in Liverpool these days, but the most iconic can be found deep in the Baltic Triangle on Jamaica Street. It is a symbol of the hope of street art in the city, where you can stand and transform yourself into a Liver Bird. 

Sefton Park & the Palm House

Sefton Park is one of the most beautiful city parks in the entire country, and there is plenty to stare in wonder at and get that perfect glare of the sun as you take a selfie on the field or find that reflection on the water of the boating lake. The Palm House is the perfect spot within the park, full of tropical plants at every corner you’ll get lost in the heavenly scent and relaxing atmosphere. 

The Bombed Out Church

The church with no roof, damaged in a bombing raid during the Second World War, St Luke’s Church (or the Bombed Out Church as it is affectionately known by locals) has been a place of great art and culture in recent times. It hosts weddings, farmers markets, art pieces, outdoor cinema nights and live music, and the interior, surrounding gardens and the steps of the Bombed Out Church make for some great photo ops. 

60 Hope Street

Nestled in the Georgian Quarter, 60 Hope Street has a lot going for it for that cool Instagram aesthetic, with the cobbled streets just across the road, the Hope Street Suitcases on the doorstep and the amazing entrance to the restaurant which is spectacular in itself. The ‘Lovers Doorway’ was a stunning example of this in recent times, with an arch made of flowers adorning the doorway to the venue, and at Halloween the rustic colours and pumpkins made it equally inviting. 

The Picton Reading Room

The reading room in the Hornby Library on William Brown Street gives you that Grade II listed quality, with the mahogany shelves leading up to the breath-taking domed ceiling and books for as far as the eye can see. It is a truly spectacular and magical room in the heart of the city.  

Lark Lane 

The gorgeous bohemian link between Aigburth Road and Sefton Park, Lark Lane is maybe the coolest part of Liverpool. You’ll find plenty of Instagram spots to stop and take your shot of the day. There are cool bars, located next to chic boutiques, vintage shops, ice cream vendors and restaurants. 

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