Cool Independent Shops in Liverpool

  • Sophia Reyes

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Sophia Reyes

Liverpool is home to an array of independent shops, selling everything from plants and jewellery, to books and homemade bakes.

To help with your next shopping trip, we’ve rounded up some of the best independent shops in Liverpool with a go-to guide.

1. Freida Mo’s

Homey, friendly and full of vintage treasures, Freida Mo’s is a charming vintage shop, sitting along South Liverpool’s leafy Lark Lane.

This unique independent shop - which is also known for its homemade baked goods - sells a wonderful range of plants, jewelry, vintage clothing and accessories.

2. Matta's

One of Liverpool’s oldest independent shops, Matta’s International Food is a fantastic family-run business, best-loved by locals for its friendly service and fresh food from across the globe.

Browse flavoursome herbs and spices, colourful curries, high quality coffees and Greek cheeses. When you’re next walking along Bold Street, don’t miss a visit to this spectacular independent shop.

3. News from Nowhere

Whether you’re reading for school, uni or simply just for pleasure, News from Nowhere - Liverpool’s community bookshop - is a reader’s haven, with shelves brimming with radical books, magazines and world music.

This iconic bookshop - also located along Bold Street - is known for its dedication to social justice, and holds a special place in the heart of the city.

4. Rough Hand Made

If you love the aromas of fresh bread and pastries, then Rough Hand Made is calling your name! This family-run boutique bakery is the perfect point to stop off for a bite to eat while wandering the Albert Dock.

Choose from fluffy croissants, homemade loaves, fresh sandwiches and sweet, indulgent bakes. This spectacular bakery prides itself on its open theatre-style kitchen, where you can see the talented team crafting delicious treats from scratch.

5. Red Brick Hangar

Last but not least, make sure you pay a visit to Red Brick Hangar, a unique independent shopping experience, perfect for weekend browsing. Explore this vast market and discover vintage clothing, quirky accessories and the collections of creative local traders.

You’ll find Red Brick Hangar nestled within Liverpool’s alternative hub Baltic Triangle, where businesses have brought the city’s old warehouses a new lease of life.