Boss Street Art

  • Charlotte Davenport

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Charlotte Davenport

In the past, Scousers have looked on in envy at the street art in other cities like Bristol and London in the UK, as well as the cool cities of Europe like Berlin. We had the Banksy Rat on Duke Street and a few things here and there, but there wasn’t that much to shout about. It’s weird, Liverpool has always been well known for its wit, humour, political activism and art, so why wasn’t there more of a street art scene?

Times have changed and there is some boss street art all around Liverpool now, too much for us to put in one piece, so we’ve chosen a few for you to look out for as you walk the streets of our hallowed city.

Zanzibar Club

A recent change to the iconic Zanzibar Club on Seel Street saw some changes inside and out, with this amazing piece of art from @mollymural dramatically changing the exterior to the club and bringing some well-needed colour to Seel Street.

Liver Bird Wings

The Liver Bird Wings in the Baltic Triangle has become one of the most talked about and visited spots in the whole of the city. The work by Paul Curtis has had so much press attention and it is amazing how quickly it has become a staple part of Liverpool culture, where literally everyone has had their photo taken to take on the wings and transform into the #liverpoolwings.

Irony's Straw Girl

One of the most Instarammed murals in Liverpool. Located on Jamaica Street, painted by Irony.

Jurgen Klopp

Just over the road from the Liverpool Wings a massive portrait of the legendary Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp can be found on Jordan Street. The Baltic Triangle has become home to quite a few inventive and amazing pieces of street art and we fully expect to see more in this part of the city over the coming months and years to add to the #kloppmural.

Liver Bird Mural

This fantastic piece by @inkiegraffit was part of the 2018 Contrast Mural Fest. It can be found near the bottom of Duke Street and is their version of the Liver Bird.


Neil Keating put one of his most-cherished designs on this courtyard off Bold Street. It is one of those pieces of street art that demands that you stop and take a look, even for a street as busy as Bold Street. Why not go and take a peek at Lovers next time you’re wandering with a cuppa from Bold Street Coffee or on your way to FACT.

This is a good start to get your juices flowing and to keep an eye out for the boss murals and street art around Liverpool. Send us some photos of others you find in town. #tonightinliverpool