5 Bars That We Really Miss!

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Liverpool is known for having one of the best nightlife scenes in the UK. From lively bars, to exciting clubs, it’s safe to say that scousers know how to have a boss night out.

Over the years, some of the city’s favourite bars have been and gone, so we’re reflecting back with nostalgia on the bars that we miss in Liverpool. Do you remember these local haunts?


Korova - a stylish hidden gem, originally located near Concert Square - later moved to a new home in the cultural Georgian Quarter. The brainchild of Rob Gutman, Evol promoter Steve ‘Revo’ Miller and Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu of Liverpool electronic band Ladytron. Named after the Korova Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange, this unique spot was just as cool as its name suggests. An eclectic haven for music lovers, Korova played host to alternative bands including Hot Chip, boasting iconic music imagery around the bar and vintage bubble-like red TVs running black and white and classic cinema throughout the day.

Mello Mello

One of our all-time favourite bars in Liverpool, Mello Mello sat on the corner of Slater Street, and became the place to be for food, drink and entertainment. From open mic poetry, to gig nights and comedy, this homely bar and cafe was the backdrop to many catch ups with friends, and memorable date nights. Mello Mello closed it’s doors in 2014, and after a major refurbishment the site is now home to The Merchant.

Bar Red

Proving just how diverse Liverpool’s nightlife really is, you would have found Bar Red just moments from Mello Mello on Slater Street. However, a visit to Bar Red was less on the sophisticated side, and more of a sign that your night wasn’t going to end anytime soon! The late night club was known for re-inventing the “all-dayer” and regularly had the city’s fines DJs on rotation such as Mike Di Scala, Les Calvert, Dave Whelan. And then Rob Cain would turn up and seriously get the place booming.

The One4

The perfect spot to start your night out, the One4 on Fleet Street was a fun haunt for a drink, game of pool and dirt cheap drinks. This bar was a firm favourite and proof that you don’t need to break the bank to have a great night out.


Before the days of social media, Facebook, Instagram, literally anyone who went to town in the early noughies had a picture taken at Barracuda. If you don’t have a photograph of yourself taken at Barracuda, you obviously never went out to town around this time! Located on Hanover Street was another cheap and cheerful bar, loved by students and younger people for its lively atmosphere, busy crowd and singalong music. In Barracuda, you really could dance like nobody was watching.