How Will Liverpool Begin Its COVID-19 Recovery Plans?

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Hospitality businesses around the city have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown. Many businesses haven’t opened their doors since March, and with no definitive end in sight, the council has stepped in to help them adapt to restrictions. 

Working in collaboration with Liverpool BID company, the Chamber of Commerce and local creatives and designers, Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, has announced an essential £450,000 project, which will see local businesses redesign and develop their outdoor spaces, with the hope of transforming them into covered seating areas. 

The thought process behind the plan - which is the first of its kind to be announced in the country - is that businesses will be able to utilise their outdoor space to make up for indoor seating and space that they are unable to use due to social distancing rules. Implementing this project will ensure that local businesses can trade safely when restrictions are eased for bars and restaurants, as expected in July.

Notably, the Government will also be allocating £443,000 from the ‘Reopening High Streets Safely Fund’ to the city of Liverpool, which is expected to work alongside the city’s project. This will allow the city to boost business through marketing campaigns, signage and street markings.


Joe Anderson said:

“Liverpool is the most welcoming city in the UK, and bringing people together is what we do best. Big events, sporting fixtures or just a night out, this city thrives on social interaction.

“The fact that is out of the question with social distancing, means we have to be innovative about how we keep our USP, but do so in a responsible way.

“We need to find a way to give local people confidence that they can continue to go out to eat, spend money in the local economy and have a good time safely. This is really important as we know that tourism is going to be badly affected by international travel restrictions.”

We are certainly looking forward to seeing the city’s best bars and restaurants open once again with a new European twist.