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While some things are best consigned to the past, like corporal punishment, or Pete Price’s catering career, there are other times when you’re glad to see a resurgence in popularity at play. That’s certainly the case for how we feel about vinyl’s return to the forefront of music, as like many people, we find it to be the most satisfying way to play music.

While vinyl can’t match the speed and ease of downloading or streaming music, who ever said that a great record was supposed to be something you rush? That may make us sound like music snobs, but honestly, nothing can match the satisfaction of taking a record from its sleeve, putting it on your turntable, to enjoy an old classic, or new classic - lots of current bands embrace the vinyl rebirth – with the full and rich sound that only vinyl provides.

As the recent successes of Record Store Day show, vinyl is back, so here’s where to find it in Liverpool:

Jacaranda Records Ltd

21-23 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BW

Vinyl + Bevy = Great Times

Founded in 1957 and one of the city’s famous record stores in the heyday of vinyl, the Jacaranda looked like it was finished after closing in 2011. Thankfully, the recent boost in vinyl sales saw it re-open in 2014, which is brilliant news as far as we’re concerned, because The Jac is an absolute institution in terms of the city’s music scene.

As well as a great collection of records, Jacaranda has a number of other features that set it apart. As well as featuring an in-store coffee shop, it also has a number of record players set out in individual booths so that you can sample your new record as you enjoy your drink. Even more notably, their famous Voice-O-Graph booth gives aspiring musicians the chance to record live in-store. It’s also the only such booth of its kind anywhere in Britain, so you’ll be enjoying a rare piece of audio history.

Dig Vinyl

80 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HR

Breeaaatthhh... Breath in the airr...

A fairly new addition to the city, Dig Vinyl is found on Bold Street, below Soho Vintage; so you could get yourself some classic threads and a classic record in the same visit! With a perfectly curated collection of new and pre-owned vinyl, there are some great options to be found, as well as a decent bunch of staff who know their music and will be happy to have a chat about any of your record needs.


Probe Records

1, The Bluecoat, School Ln, Liverpool L1 3BX

A wall of vinyl... lovely stuff

A similarly lasting feature in Liverpool’s music scene, Probe Vinyl has been going strong since the early 70s and is another to enjoy a return to prominence in recent times. The place is often packed, but with it being open seven days a week, we’re sure you’ll be able to squeeze in and get your browsing time in at some point. While the main floor may often be packed with fellow record-lovers, the walls are packed with recommendations on must-have records from the management and staff.

So whether you’re going in with a specific record in mind, or you want to sneak a glance at the wall so that you can impress your friends with your musical ‘knowledge’, there’s great choice either way. 

3Beat Records

5 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BW

Bedroom DJ's heaven

Another somewhat smaller venue, this Slater Street store is a DJ's favourite, with its impeccable dance musical tastes that means there’s always stocking the ‘next big thing’ or at least the next thing that should be in your ears. The in-store design is great, the staff clearly know their music and the records are reasonably priced; this is the sort of place that makes you fall in love with music all over again.

They also sell event tickets, merch and DJ equipment.

81 Renshaw

1, The Bluecoat, School Ln, Liverpool L1 3BX

A wall of vinyl... lovely stuff

After a recent change in management, this café turned record store - or is it record store turned café? - is able to meet both your physical and musical appetites. Their stock of records may be smaller than some other venues, but there’s still plenty of musical goodness to be had in the vinyl store down in the basement below the café.

With the café particularly famed for its breakfasts, what better way to spend a day off than to go get yourself some brekkie goodness, pick up a great vinyl, and while away the rest of the day listening?


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