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Going on a first date throws up a number of issues, whether you’ve known each other for years or you just met on Tinder. While we can’t really help with your dress sense, or topics of conversation to help you hit it off, one area we do have a bit of know-how is on a few of the best bars in the city to take your date to. Here’s our top six.

Furnivals Well

1 Campbell Square, Liverpool L1 5FB

Mmmm... Intimacy

It’s not often you’d want to end up in the cells on a first date, but this converted Victorian police station is one of the most unique bars in the city. Many of the seating booths are actually situated in old holding cells, but don’t worry, the conditions are a lot more enjoyable these days, with the space offering a stylish rustic design as well as regularly featuring quality live music.

It’s a bar with a genuine relaxed and cosy atmosphere, offering a little bit of privacy that comes in handy when you’re trying to get to know someone. It’s also got a great selection of cocktails, as well a decent offering of wines and beers, and with the bar open from 5pm-1am from Mon-Thurs and 3pm-2am on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s definitely a great place to spend an evening, with the only old bill you have to consider being your drinks tab.

Oh Me Oh My – The Rooftop Garden

West Africa House, 25 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RG

Nice View ;-)

Hidden away as a beautiful change of pace in the heart of Liverpool’s busy business district - like an oasis in the desert, or an Oasis track on a Capital.FM ‘hits’ playlist - is the rooftop garden above Oh Me Oh My.

While the main OMOM venue is becoming increasingly recognised and celebrated as a stunning venue for a wedding reception, there’s even more to see upstairs. Continuing with Oh Me Oh My’s creative naming style, the rooftop space is known as Goodness Gracious, dubbed as a secret rooftop garden. Although given that GG’s Twitter account now has over 3.5k followers, maybe it’s not as secret as it once was.

Nor should it be, with some of the best views in the city, a stylish wood decking and colourful cushion combo, and some of the best G&ampT cocktails anywhere in the region. The space is open 7 days-a-week (from 12-7pm currently) and while it’s obviously weather-permitting for a lot of the year, if you catch it on a good day, there are few better places for a late-afternoon or early-evening date.

Berry & Rye

48 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ

Never too noisy

One of the more risky options on the list – we’ll come to that later – is Berry Street’s aptly named Berry & Rye. Swiftly gaining a reputation for its friendly staff and their knowledge on the bar’s high quality range of drinks, it’s also got an admission method that’s been the talk of the town.

It’s here where we return to the risky point – not in terms of the drinks quality, pricing or fellow bar-goers, they’re all great – as Berry & Rye currently employs a ‘stand and knock’ policy to entry. That’s exactly what it sounds like, the bar has a strict seating capacity and you can only enter when there’s room.

You’ll need to be on a date where both parties are up for a bit of a gamble, as you could be stood outside for a while, but once you get in, not only does it make your drink feel well-earned, but the fact that the bar is never overcrowded makes it the ideal place to have a conversation.


126 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4JA

Never too noisy

A great place for a daytime date, this café bar offers coffee, cocktails and an all-round continental wonderland, complete with its own cinema. One of the undervalued gems of bold street, Tabac has an Amsterdam feel – well, in terms of décor at least, certain aspects aren’t yet on the menu – with its classic neon lighting and wonderful range of coffees.

There’s a lot of character contained within this compact bar, which is a fine option in the day or the night, and with a range of reasonably priced food – some of the cake options are immense, if you’re a ‘cake on a first date’ kind of person – as well a range of spirits and lagers, Tabac is a winner on a number of levels.

Lady of Mann Courtyard

19 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2EZ

Never too noisy

After a refurbishment earlier this year, the Lady of Mann is now – like a lot of us no doubt – freshly painted in time for summer. While its interior is a nice play for a drink, especially after the recent improvements, it’s the courtyard space it shares with sister-pub Rigby’s that really sets it apart in summer.

Whether you’re looking to take your date for a quiet coffee, or the first pint of many – hey, who are we to judge – then the Lady of Mann’s courtyard is a great place to do so when it’s nice outside. With a range of familiar beers and spirits, there’s plenty of options on offer here.

Jenny’s Bar

Fenwick St, Liverpool L2 7NT

Lovely stuff!

Another hidden gem and a favourite with the locals, Jenny’s is known for a great place to get a good whiskey, gin or cocktail, as well as being a great place to have a venture onto the dance floor if you and your date want to.

The décor might be more colourful than a Jürgen Klopp press conference, but it only adds to the fun feel of this place, which is definitely a winner if you’re taking out someone who seems up for a laugh.


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