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Liverpool Nightlife

Tonight in Liverpool is the place for Liverpool nightlife!

Date & Time? Sunday 30th July (the day after pride!!), from 6PM
Address 1-7 Eberle Street, Liverpool, L2 2AG
Phone Number 0151 236 6068

How times have changed? There was a time when the only thing your stomach would digest would be a disco biscuit while on a night out. SO for the first time ever in Gbar’s history, those lovable loonies are throwing on a spread, so you can “get some meat on the street”. Lovely!

Bringing a close to Liverpool Pride celebrations, we’ve got a full line of A sumptuous serving of Drag Queens; Vivienne, Lavinia, Whitney Wide-On and Carmen. Served with a big bowl of classic house tunage and a garnish of live performances.

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