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Liverpool Nightlife

Tonight in Liverpool is the place for Liverpool nightlife!

Date & Time? Saturday 12 August, 12:00PM til 10PM
Address Concert Steps, Liverpool L1 4NR

An event that’s hit the TonightinLiverpool radar like a Russian Warplane in US airspace is “Dig Deep”. This all day event is happening at the Garden Terrace of Grove, Concert Steps (tucked behind Level, Fleet Street) on Saturday 12th August.

Even though it’s being played out on an outside terrace, this is one big house party you will not want to miss!

Digging deep into their record boxes, it’s one big 10 hour serving of house music! 051 & Radio City hero Lee Butler will be joined alongside R2D2 crowd favourite Liam Hincks, Rob Cain (who will be celebrating his 21st birthday) and the man himself Sie Austin.

So incase you’ve just forgotten what you’ve just read, it’s 10 hours of beautiful, lovely house music from the last 20 years.

So for tickets, go over to them lovely, happy bunch over at Skittle.