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Address 48 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ
Phone Number 0151 345 7271

A really cool speak easy bar tucked away in a basement on Berry Street. At one point it was as elusive as Lord Lucan and as hard to find as Philip Green’s offshore bank accounts. But everyone knows where it is now as it’s been open a few years.

Themed upon the prohibition era, expect to find Whiskey & Rum cocktails plentiful, with menus presented in vintage books, nice touch! Very dimly lit, with pretty much only candle light you really could be in 1920s New York, safe in the knowledge members of the Mafioso won’t turn up and shoot the place up.

Berry & Rye’s policy is a controlled capacity, so when all the seats are filled, no one else can enter, which means no annoying gangs of loud drunk people.

The drinks! We haven’t touched on the drinks yet… Unlike the prohibition times, Berry & Rye serves up some fantastic cocktails, top quality single malt whiskey and refreshing gins.

TIL says: Go there! It’s also a perfect date place.

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